Which Hair Extensions Are Right For You

Have you thought of getting hair extensions? Your friends are wearing them. All the celebrities wear them. How do you know which ones are right for you though? Before you start looking for hair extensions, you need to understand the two simple categories they can be divided into. These categories are Synthetic Hair Extensions and Human Hair Extensions.

Synthetic hair extensions are made from synthetic fibres. These fibres are lighter in weight than human hair, making them easy to wear. However, being a synthetic fibre, they are prone to be easily damaged from heat, excessive styling and excessive sun exposure. New technology is helping to overcome these product flaws though. On the plus side, synthetic hair can be easily dyed to exactly match your own hair, however the fibres themselves, because different to human hair, can sometimes not blend as naturally as human hair. Synthetic hair is also cheaper in price than human hair.

Human hair is a popular choice when it comes to hair extensions. Human hair is stronger than synthetic hair and can withstand heat, styling and sun exposure far better than synthetic hair can. Human hair will blend better with your own hair and will last longer than synthetic hair extensions. Human hair, although the better option, does come with its disadvantages though. Unfortunately, being the better option does mean that it comes with a higher price tag. There are also more qualities that you as the buyer will need to check in regards to hair extensions made from human hair, such as is it Remy hair? Remy hair extensions mean that all the strands of hair are running in the same direction, with all the cuticles in tact and facing the same way. This means that the hair will last longer, has been minimally treated with chemicals and will appear more natural.

Once you know what type of hair you want as extensions, then you’ll need to decide what application to use. Hair extensions come in many ways including clip in hair extensions, tape in hair extensions, keratin bonded, glue in, sew in and many more. Many of these methods are labelled as semi-permanent, as they are actually bonded to your pre-existing hair. These semi-permanent methods may last from six weeks up to six months depending on the method and level of care taken to maintain the extensions. Clip in hair extensions are a temporary method where the extensions simply clip into your existing hair and then can be removed without hassle. These extensions may last for up to two years depending on how they are looked after and maintained.

Hair extensions can be a great way to add extra volume and length to your existing hair but choosing the right set of hair extensions can be a bit confusing. Making an informed decision is important, especially when choosing semi-permanent hair extension options.

Why Do I Need a Pram Liner

“Why do I need a pram liner?” you might ask. Well, if you want to increase the longevity of your pram, in the easiest and most cost effective way, then a pram liner is your best option. A pram liner not only provides cushioning for your baby or child, but it is also the best way to keep your pram clean.

When it comes to purchasing items for your baby, prams really do fit into that ‘big ticket’ category, and lets face it, they are pretty important. So why wouldn’t you do your very best to protect your pram and prolong its life?

Pram liners provide a ‘barrier’ between your child and their pram and it is this barrier that will ensure you have a clean, stain-free pram that you can use for future babies or that you can resell or give away. Unfortunately, regardless of their price, prams seem to be difficult to clean, with all their crevices and seams, and very rarely do they come with removable, washable parts. The aim of a pram liner is to prevent the seat of your pram from needing any extra cleaning.

Apart from keeping your pram clean, a quality pram liner will also keep your baby or child comfortable, ensuring they are happy. A well padded pram liner will ensure that, regardless of how bumpy the ride may be, your baby or child will be well cushioned and safe.

Pram liners can be made of many different materials, which can also benefit your baby or child. Fabrics such as cotton are designed to help draw away any moisture from the skin, which will help to ensure that your baby or child is kept dry in case of small spills or sweating. Gentle fabrics also contribute to your baby’s comfort.

Many pram liners are designed so that they can be machine washed. With this in mind, purchasing a pram liner could be the easiest and cheapest investment you can make towards extending the longevity of your pram.

Why Buy a Baby Bean Bag?

When purchasing products for your new baby or for someone else’s baby, there are many things to consider. The items you buy need to be useful, practical and worth the money you spend, as when it comes to baby items they can be quite pricey.

As there are so many items on the market, each one differing from the next, it can be quite confusing when it comes to picking what items you need and what items you can just do without. When it comes to picking a place for your baby to rest or play or bounce there are many options. These can come in the form of a ‘bouncer’, play mat or rocker and so many more. Not all of these are the same, nor do they offer the same qualities and features. Also, not all of these can be used from birth. If you are looking for something that can be used from birth though, and that offers your baby a safe and comfortable spot to sit, lay, play or rest, then consider a baby bean bag. Baby bean bags are a new and innovative baby item that is proving to be both useful and beneficial to your baby’s health.

A baby bean bag is smaller in design than your regular bean bag and comes with many safety precautions to ensure it is safe to use from birth. Baby bean bags are tear shaped with a flat top that is on a slight incline. They come with removable tops, one with a safety harness for newborns and young babies and the other top, without the harness for older babies and toddlers. The slight incline means that your baby is slightly propped up. Being on an incline after a feed helps to reduce acid from travelling back up the oesophagus and causing a baby discomfort and pain. The soft yet supportive bean filling is also recommended to help reduce the effects of Flat Head Syndrome, which is common in young babies. Flat Head Syndrome is caused from pressure being applied to a baby’s soft skull. This could be from sleeping in the same position or favouring a particular side when spending time in their bouncer or play mat. The soft filling of a baby bean bag moulds around the baby’s head, preventing any uneven pressure to the baby’s skull.

Baby bean bags are also practical as they can be used from birth up to approximately 30kg. This means that you get years of use from it, as opposed to a bouncer that your baby might only be able to use for six or eight months. Also, baby bean bags are lightweight, making them easy to move around your home and can even be used outside, providing they are of good quality.

Considering the practicality and health benefits of the baby bean bag, it is an excellent choice for your baby. It is also a product that will grow with your child and provide years of use and enjoyment.


Do you need some ideas for your wedding accessories? I have found some great information on celebrities who got married and wore wedding tiaras. Weddings tiaras obviously have not gone out of fashion trends. Once you read about their details, you’d be convinced wedding tiaras will surely complete your wedding day.

Country singer Carrie Underwood married Mike Fisher in 2010. She wore the 40 carat silver wedding tiara gift from her husband. The jewels form a small crown of flowers and gems that suited the country, girl. One can find a more inexpensive wedding tiara on online wedding boutiques with a similar design and quality.

No one could forget Princess Claire of Belgium when she wore a pearl and diamond tiara for attending the wedding of Princess Victoria of Sweden. The tiara is considered large but a good match to a high-cheeked face structure. The pearls top the diamond scrolls. A wedding tiara with pearls and diamonds will make any bride majestic and a good inspiration for your wedding.

In 2014, Hart of Dixie star Brandi Burkhardt got married to Douglas Kazanjian. She wore Madonna’s former wedding tiara for the celebration. It is an Edwardian piece with 765 old mine cut diamonds. It has swinging floral festoons and ornate scrolls on its base. I fell in love with its width and simplicity that made it elegant. If you google the picture, you will also love it and want to find a wedding tiara just like it.

Wedding tiaras are a wonderful to complete your wedding details. I believe it will add to its elegance and awe to your celebration. Share your insights about wedding tiaras by commenting on this blog.

A library of watch boxes

I have a peculiar habit of collecting and stuffing watch boxes. I was so obsessed with this hobby of mine that during my childhood, I would run into my neighbours, friends and relatives to ask them if they had any watch boxes. In this way, I was able to store my cupboard with different varieties and designs of watch boxes, much to the wrath of my parents. Later, when I grew up, I made it a point that I will on one day make this hobby of mine a cynosure of everyone’s attention.

My friends mock with me regarding my strange hobby, but I just don’t pay heed to them. I find the cute watch boxes highly enticing. The hard cover on the outside, the sponge casing inside to keep the watches is no less royal, according to my imagination. Some watch boxes come with two berths with numerous spaces for the dial to rest, and space beneath for the matching and colourful bands. They remind me of some exotic and royal places. I have already gifted myself a couple of watches albeit unnecessarily, only to collect the watch boxes. I even spend money on buying watch boxes online.

Many of my friends had asked me that why don’t I throw away the watch boxes? As they are of no use. I say that just like our body needs a resting place at the end of the day, similarly my watch will also need a shelter to take a momentary rest for resuming working again on the next day.

Can you have the Perfect Wedding?

We all have an idea of what the perfect wedding is, but who really knows how to achieve it? The bottom line is that you have to make your wedding represent everything that you want as well as something that is going to be a part of your budget. When you are choosing items for your wedding, you need to know what look and feel you are going for as well as what is going to work for you. That really means that you want to know what your budget is first and foremost so that you are going to be able to work and find all the right things for your desires and budget.

When it comes to finding the perfect match, a large part of that also depends on what you are planning to do with the look and the design. At the end of the day, a wedding is something that you are going to remember for the rest of your life and for that reason you want to ensure that you are able to find everything that meets your requirements and the look you want. The memories will be shared with family members in future generations for years to come, and that means that you must have excellence associated with it in every way. This is going to be a very personal decision for you and also for your bride or groom. Plan to spend the right amount of time and the right amount of commitment ensuring that create the perfect wedding you have always dreamed of.

Style goes racing every year

I spent hours last year thinking about what to wear at the races to then be told my friends that I had to have a fascinator to match my new outfit. I’m not sure how much of an avid racegoer you are, but trust me if you go every year you do tend to look for a special outfit every time!

FF108bAlthough you don’t have to buy a new fascinator every year, it does just tend to happen. Aside from the fact that women love to spend or at least shop, you’ll be so excited for the event that it will most likely warrant you saving money to buy something you can shine in. And that goes for your accessories as well and, in particular, headwear).

The top three reasons for buying a new fascinator every year are:

Change in fashion trends- You don’t even need to buy a fascinator anymore if you don’t want to. You can opt for the traditional hat. But, unfortunately, the style this year won’t be the same as last year so you may want to evaluate your outfit if you want to be dressed in the latest fashion.

Your personal need to shop (as all women do)- as I stated above, you’re realistically going to want to go shopping whether you can afford it or not. It doesn’t matter; it will most likely happen!

Peer pressure- Yes, I’m afraid you and your friends are going to be so excited about going out all glammed up that they will force you into a girlie shopping trip.

The best advice I can give you? Save your pennies or prepare to get your card out!

Authentic Vs Imitation

Thanks to technology and evolution, you can find imitations of the most culturally important pieces of history. So you need a Venetian mask for a party, and you’re asking yourself whether or not it is worth spending the extra money? Below are a few facts about Venetian masks and why you should pay that little more for an authentic Venetian mask.

1- Venetian masks are made by hand. They are a craft and take a long time to make. Not only this but also although they are not made of particularly expensive materials, the real thing is embellished with the most amazing rhinestones, feathers, silver and gold leaf and much more. Others are hand painted with the most amazing details in velvet, lace, and silk making these art pieces unique.

2- They are a part of Venetian culture. Mask making is an art and a skill. Real Venetian masks are made down the small alleys of Venice so they hold the secrets of Venetian culture we can only start to imagine.

3- Not all real Venetian masks are out of budget. Some can be found for around $50; they just won’t have as much detail.

4- Your mask can become an heirloom or piece of art for your home and family to enjoy every day. Not only is it great to show off to your friends but also it can be something your children and grandchildren can enjoy.

5- You won’t find an imitation or mass produced a version of a Venetian mask that comes anywhere near the beauty and detailed art piece of the real thing.

Tiara or No Tiara? That Is The Question

While I personally wouldn’t wear a tiara for my wedding, I know and have seen some brides who look absolutely stunning in them. I’d say that it depends on the look you’re going for on your wedding day. I know some brides who want that big princess dress that would never be complete to them without a tiara.

These days, what I have noticed is that tiaras have changed from the traditional princess-like version that we are used to. There’s the tiara that’s more like a crystal headband, there’s the one that sits farther back on your head (perfect for if you’re wearing a low bun or chignon), there’s the ever famous crown like tiara and lastly, the one that has invisible sides. So there is a multitude of types that I’m sure will be able to work for any style of dress.

Like I said, it’s totally up to the bride and who or what she wants to feel like on her special day. I would, however, like to stress, that I do believe that the tiara should suit the style of the dress. For example, if the dress has Swarovski crystals, the tiara should complement that. If the dress has pearls, so should the tiara. It could be that I’m very particular, but I do believe in a cohesive look for your wedding day.

I hope this article helps all of you brides who are currently in limbo regarding your decision as to “tiara or no tiara”. Just remember that it’s your day, and you don’t have to please anyone but yourself. Stay beautiful.

A Night at the Ball: My Very Own Ball

I have always been a fan of putting on makeup and a pretty costume; even better, a delicate lace or Venetian mask. To go out while hiding my identity, meeting and dancing the night away with people who appear to be strangers. This is all part of the wonder and mystery of attending a Masquerade Ball.

Pulling off a classy event such as that can seem like a pretty daunting task, but fear not, I will show you the way. First off, we’ll need to have a space for the event. Depending on the number of guests, you could have it in a place like your living room, outdoor deck or you can go as far as renting a space.

MMHQ523bThe second most important thing is the decor. I’ve found that if you look online for ideas, there are some pretty cheap ideas that can give you that authentic Venetian style ballroom that will take your guests’ breath away.

Examples are lace covered candles or old world invites and/or menus and refurbished or second hand chandeliers. The decor should be the least of our concerns because there are a multitude of sources out there just waiting for us to explore.

Lastly, I suggest a strict dress code. This only adds to the fun and genuineness of the event, and obviously a masquerade mask is a requirement. I really hope that this blog post has helped you achieve the most amazing Masquerade Ball in your town. Be sure to leave links to pictures in the comment section. See you guys soon.

Top Tips For Buying A Jewellery Box As An Heirloom

Choosing something you want to keep and pass down throughout the generations in your family is a tricky task and a personal decision you can only make on your own. That said, I’ve put together some top tips for choosing the perfect jewellery box you can keep as an heirloom for your children and grandchildren.

1- Choose sturdy material- going downtown and buying a jewellery box from the supermarket is hardly heirloom material. Buy something made from wood, fabric or even leather then you’ll be sure it’ll last the test of time like you want it to.

2- Think about the size- when choosing the jewellery box, have a think about the size you are looking for. Are you looking for something that can house enough jewellery for the whole family or are you searching for a more personal item to pass down through your family tree?

3- Make a personal choice- you can’t think about what your grandchildren might like or their children after that. You have to think about your personal preferences. If you have male heirs, you might even want to consider a watch box instead. That’s what makes it special! Plus, the world as we know it is going to carry on evolving so you have no idea what will be in style in 50 years to come.

4- Let it find you! I found my favourite jewellery box that I’ll be leaving to my children as an heirloom in an antique store. I had absolutely no intention of going shopping for it; I just saw it in an old store and bought it. The fact that it already had a past made it interesting to me, and I can’t wait for my kids to enjoy it as much as I have.

Buying The Bling For Your Big Day

Finding your wedding dress is hard enough but once you have that you have to start thinking about the best way of accessorising it. There are many types of jewellery you can wear on your wedding day. Below is a list of tips I’ve put together to make your life a little easier.

Choose your dress first- It is impossible to choose your jewellery if you don’t know the colour or style of your gown.

Make sure your dresses match your bridal jewellery – The tone of your dress is really important when choosing your jewellery. Trust me, there is nothing worse than bright white with gold, so go for a more subtle pearl, diamond, platinum or silver.

Don’t look tacky by skimping on the pennies- When I got married, I admit to having given my bridesmaids cheap jewellery. Although they loved it, it did leave a lovely green stain around their neck and it looked tacky after a few wears!

Make sure you add your own touch of style and personality- After all it is your big day so make sure you choose something you are happy with that reflects you and your one and only.

If you’re in doubt go with your gut- Don’t try and make things flashy just because you’re not sure what is best. Sometimes little is more and buying a silver chain with a simple pendant can have a lot more effect that a big plastic pink and green piece around your neck.

Just be yourself! You’ve done it for long enough to have the man of your dreams by your side so you may as well keep it going! Quality over quantity is key. Yes, you can buy two or even three for the price of one but don’t you want something you can remember and wear again for the rest of your life?

Fascinating Bridal Fascinators

A bridal what? Oh, you mean those headpiece things that Kate Middleton is famous for wearing? How chic are they? I always thought that I’d be a modern kind of bride, especially when choosing accessories for my wedding, but I recently came across some pictures of bridal fascinators that had me second guessing myself.

FF115My conclusion is that these things are no longer for the vintage type brides. The designs that exist today would suit any kind of bride and any themed wedding. There are so many kinds to choose from as well; from the floral to the feathered, to the veiled with the diamond shaped netting, to the laced versions which add a bit of mystery to the bride.

I’ve convinced myself that the perfect fascinator exists, somewhere out there, depending on your style. The path you choose to pick the right one is totally up to you, but here’s how I would go about doing it. First I’d have to know what kind of bride I am (the tricky part is that there can be many types of fascinators for any one kind of bride. So if I were to be a modern bride, I’d most likely go with a feathered or lace fascinator. Another way I’d choose is to tie my wedding décor in with the kind headpiece that I chose. So if my table centrepieces were flowers, I’d go with a floral one, or if my bouquet were made of a mix match of vintage items, including pearls, I’d be sure to incorporate that into my fascinator.

Like I said, the perfect fascinator for you exists out there somewhere; you just need to know the kind of bride you are and the look you’re trying to achieve. If you don’t, you can never go wrong with cohesion.

Say ‘I do’ in Titanium: Male Edition

So you want a titanium wedding ring? My first thought was why, but then I did a little research, and my thoughts turned to why not? I’m going to go straight past the aesthetic reasons and explain the how practical it would be to have a wedding band made out of titanium. One, it’s super strong. This thing is so durable; it’ll definitely last you a lifetime, if not close enough to one. Two, it’s resistant to corroding. I’ve seen some people with green wedding rings and let me just say based on what I heard about titanium, you’re pretty much in the clear when it comes to that. Three, it’s hypoallergenic. This is great for those of us who have bad reactions to many various metals.

FTR-008So let’s get down to the look of these things. I read that they come in four types or styles; frost, classic, sable and mokume-gane. The frost titanium rings are exactly what they sound like. They have that icy effect that almost looks like tiny shattered diamonds or crystals, so it’s perfect as a wedding ring. I can only imagine how amazing it looks when the sunlight hits it. The classic type is just a plain ring made of titanium. There’s nothing particularly special about it, but if you’re the kind of groom who isn’t fussy, it’ll definitely suit you. The sable type is a slightly fancier version of the classic ring. It features a textured band in the centre of the ring, with the two outer edges plain. And the mokume-gane type features a wood grain design on top of the titanium; it’s such a conversation starter.

Because we’re talking wedding, these rings can’t be as simple as that, especially if you’re a flashy groom. There’s the option to place diamonds and gemstones in them (my personal preference). You can add some color as well as inlays and carvings with you and your loved one’s names.

People are not afraid anymore to stray from the traditional ring types, and if your bride is for it, I’d definitely recommend getting a titanium wedding band. It is sure to have people talking.

Finding a Scratchproof Ring for Your Beloved

Rings have the ability to chip and to scratch very easily and for that reason, if you are a normal person it is very important for you to have a ring that is not going to be able to fall to pieces. A mens wedding ring is a very large investment and for that reason it is very important to make sure that if you make that investment that you are going to be able to have it last for eternity.

FTR-020I know for certain that aside from Platinum, Tungsten rings are the way to go. They are beautiful, sleek, and they are much more affordable than their Platinum counterparts. That means that you will be able to find something that is going to be very elegant and durable in the long term when you want to make a decision. In addition to being very stylish, you can find them in almost every color and shape and that means that you are going to be able to find a design that will work for you as well as for your bride or husband.

Choosing a ring that is going to be something that you are proud of as well as one that will be something you want to keep. My husband is a nurse, and he is always working with his hands, for this type of reason, it is mission critical that you have something that will not crack or fall apart.